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Cheap and Easy

Cheap and Easy will always catch my eye when I’m thinking about what and how to feed my family of 3.  I love how easy the 100 calorie prepackaged snacks are, but I do not usually love the price!

I was thinking about Cristin’s picky eaters in relation to my 6 year old son.  He goes through stages of eating EVERYTHING he can get his hands on, and then not eating ANYTHING at all!  I really think it corresponds with whatever stage or spurt of growing his body is going through.  Learning to just roll with it like Cristin does is important in helping me keep my sanity!!!

Learning to have things handy that are healthy for him to eat has been a huge help in ensuring he is eating the right things when he is starving!  He can eat his weight in strawberries, no matter what stage he is going through.  So to encourage this healthy habit, I buy LOTS of strawberries and as soon as the groceries are put away I get to work!  I clean them, core them (check out this cool way to core strawberries ) and then I package them in individual snack size sandwich type baggies.

This is what they look like all bagged up and in the fruit and veggie drawer in my fridge.  Yes, that’s really my fridge and that’s all that’s in the fruit and veggie bin … it’s Saturday and I need to buy groceries!!!  This system ensures that he always has a healthy snack handy, and all the fruit gets eaten instead of rotting in my fridge!

Speaking of buying groceries, Kroger has a great deal on fresh Strawberries right now.  They are $1.88 for a 16 oz container!  The snack ziploc bags can be found many different places.  I usually buy the Great Value brand at Wal-Mart for less than $3.00 for 100 bags.

These snack size bags are great for packaging up other things we love that we can purchase cheaper in bulk.  Things like raw almonds, Cheeze-It crackers, goldfish, grapes, pretzels and mixed nuts are great things to zip up and put in an easy to reach spot so that when the munchies attack … we are ready!

- Be blessed!


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